AAGCM was set up and the license of the manufacturing plant was obtained in 2012 as a result of culmination of research and meticulous planning of organizations and entrepreneurs from UAE and Germany.

After intensive planning and market study, the production line of “COIA German Composite Cylinder” was ready to be introduced as the latest technology for the manufacturing plant in the UAE.

Expertise obtained also by participating on international exhibitions and attending professional forums competent in LPG industry in Europe, Middle and Far East.

A product ‘Composite LPG Cylinder’ that the global market has not yet well known, been launched as the “first COIA green liquid gas cylinder” pointing out to its lightweight and environment-friendly features.

A state of the art manufacturing facility to produce composite cylinders has been provided by COIA including setting up, commissioning and staff training.  Highly automated filament winding process with integration of several process stages have been developed to increase the productivity and efficiency.

AL AMAN ULTRALIGHT 26  composite LPG cylinders’ was approved and certified according to EN 12245:2009+A1:2011 and UAE.S GSO ISO 11119-3:2007 standards.

The serial production program started in 2016 with aims to produce premium quality pressure vessels such as LPG composite cylinders.